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Adelina Ismaili

Adelina Ismaili (* 14 December, 1979 RAB), also Adelina Ismaili, umjetnikovo Name: Adelina, and the Kosovo Albanians, Popsänger and photo model. It is mainly in the western Balkans, the Albanians and the Albanian diaspora popular.

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* 2 Reception
* 3 albums
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Adelina Ismaili was founded in 1997, also known under the name gospodjice Kosovo. Consequently, 6 albums of music.


Style, you can choose between Ismajlis turbo-folk and the pop-bar. In the text, sometimes, the independence of Kosovo / a go, for example, the birds Krenarët Cohen, NE Kosovo Luhet KUMOR Skenderbe and is partly dominated by the Albanian nationalists and militarists. 2004 respondents, candidate for the office of President Ibrahim Rugova.

Adelina Ismaili music, and their presence is more or less in a newspaper for the test in Kosovo. Because of his provocative style of dress and musical similarities with Svetlana Razznatovicha and his presence in the media and the press is sometimes called “ECSC Kosovo,” explains.

In particular the incident in 2002, with his sister and his mother Zanfina Ismajli Fisticuffs with his rival Leonora Jakupi work. After the sexual education and research center in Pristina, the parties are the artist between the sexes and loss of reputation negative.

* 100% Zeshkane
* S’jam bomb sexual
* The beginning of prejudices
* The best Adelina Ismaili
* Mbretëreshë and Robëreshë
* Phoenix


* Kumi – 8 Business practices in March 2005 (Kanpur) (2005)
* Ditari and stupca

* Adelina Ismaili music video (deu.)
* Ismajli MySpace
* Adelina Ismaili reception in Albania (in English

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